That Sunset

I know you won’t remember this;
But, there are certain things that I miss;
The long walks;
The long talks;
Sitting for hours while you slept on my chest;
Trying not to move, so you could rest;
Listening to you while you would sing your favorite song;
Cringing as I tried to sing along;
Smiling when you would laugh at my silly puns;
Just being around you was so much fun;
But, the one memory that stands out more than the rest;
It is what I remember best;
We had driven to the mountain top;
It was to be the days last stop;
The sky was such a beautiful shade of red;
And while you stared straight ahead;
I couldn’t help but look at you;
And as I did…my love for you grew;
You then slipped your hand into mine;
Your gaze never leaving the skyline;
As the sun slowly sank behind the horizon;
Its last rays of light seemingly desperate to hang on;
Your body was bathed in the golden red sea of light;
Never in my life had I see such a wonderful sight;
And as the sky grew dark;
The stars began to show up and give the heavens a new spark;
I remember seeing all of this from the reflection in your eyes;
But, to me, the most beautiful thing that day wasn’t in the skies;
It was sitting next to me in the car;
We had come so far;
You finally looked at me with a smile on your face;
You thanked me for bringing you to this place;
And even though we have since went our separate ways;
When I think back to those days;
I am so thankful that we met;
And we shared…that sunset.



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