I recently had someone pass away that I was very close to. I loved her.

She had been one of my biggest supporters…she ALWAYS encouraged me with my photography. She helped me get through my dark days…made me laugh when I didn’t want to…made me think when I was being stupid…she just all around made me feel better about life in general.

Her heart…was probably the most caring heart I’ve ever known. Her heart was full of love for not just people, but animals as well. Her heart was so pure that she would cry over the smallest of things. Her heart…as good as it was…was failing her.

A few years ago…she had to have heart surgery because it wasn’t working right. The Drs told her that she had to have the surgery or she wouldn’t live much longer. She had it…and after a long hard fight…she got better.

She started working out…lost a lot of weight…moved back home…and did something she hadn’t done much of…she smiled more.

She was so persistent… almost pushy even. When she wanted something…she didn’t like the word no. When she asked me out… I did not want to get close to anyone. Over and over I told her that I just wanted to be friends. Over and over she would just look at me and say… I’m going to win you over.

She did.

But…things have a weird way of working out. We ended up just being friends. We chatted on our phones…but…I hadn’t seen her or heard her voice in months. Then…one night we were chatting…and for some reason I asked her how she felt? She said she felt fine…and wanted to know why I asked her that…I didn’t know…I just felt compelled to ask.

Minutes later…she was gone. Her family told me I was the last person she talked to… I was devastated.

It was her heart. That loving and caring heart…just couldn’t do it anymore. It stopped beating at 10:25 on a Friday night while she was drying her hair.

I know in life we aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, but it’s so easy to take people for granted. I pray that she knows that I loved her and that I always appreciated her. She inspired me in so many ways. She helped make me a better person. I’ll never forget her and I’ll always love her.

Goodbye Candace…I miss you…and I hope I get to see you again one day.

The picture is of the spot we liked to eat lunch…it’s at our local park. We would sit there and laugh and watch the world go by. We even had a pet crow. He was missing a leg…but that didn’t stop him. She named him Barney. I’m always going to look for him when I’ll there.

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