Happy place

My family owns lot of land. It’s in the middle of nowhere…and I remember when we first moved here…there would be days that went by that I never seen another vehicle. I HATED it. But… Over time… It really started to grow on me.

The peace and quiet became my drug of choice. In the spring… After a rain storm…the honey suckles fill the whole area with their sweet scent. The hummingbirds dart to and fro looking for nectar from anything that even resembles a flower. The wind makes such a unique sound as it blows through the leaves on the millions of trees.

My front porch swing…my favorite spot here…has been the location to many naps…and even more stories for my kids when they ask me what my childhood was like. We will sit for hours just talking about this or that… Just watching the world go by.

At night… The cool crisp air opens up the sky to more stars than you can count. An occasional shooting star flashes across the sky and many wishes have been made.

So… Yeah… It’s in the middle of nowhere…but… It’s the perfect place to be if you want peace. And as I get older… There is nothing I crave more than that. It really has become… My happy place.

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