Three states, a lot of pictures, and Big Foot

My son had been wanting to go to Virginia for months. He said he wanted to see another state besides Kentucky and Tennessee.

I decided we would go, but I really couldn’t find anything in the part of the state we were going to that he would like. So we just decided to just drive with no where in particular in mind and to just go and end up wherever.

We got to the town of Norton and a quick look on my phone showed High Knob Tower. See five states it said. Ok. That’s where we went. We saw some of the most amazing views we’d ever seen and along the way there was a statue of Big Foot (the call him a Wood Booger there).

There were so many flowers and bees and butterflies…and certain parts looked like they had came out of a J. R. R. Tolkien novel…dark and mysterious…yet full of life.

Later, we decided to start to head home, but along the way I asked my navigator (my daughter) to look on her phone to see if there was anything else around worth seeing. She saw a waterfall listed and that’s all I needed to hear. After a 40 minute side trip, we ended up at a neat little falls called Elrod Falls just outside Sneedville TN.

After taking a few pictures we decided it was time to head home, but we stopped to get a bite to eat once we crossed the Kentucky state line. We ended up going to a vendor’s mall and bought a few things and then a brief stop at a Game Stop…then it was a two hour drive home.

To say I was exhausted was an understatement. I had been driving off and on for over 10 hours and my back was killing me…my legs were tired…my eyes were trying to shut…but…as soon as we got home both of my kids thanked me.

They let me know that they both enjoyed the day and we did it without YouTube or the Internet. It was just us making memories and having fun. Oh…and we got to see Big Foot.

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