“We were idiots”, is what you said to me;

Leaving me to wonder…how can this be?;

“We were stupid”, you also said;

My life was a lie that I had lead;

“It was nothing special”, you continued to write;

Tears filling up my eyes impairing my sight;

Your words continued, “I was like that with every guy”;

By now…all I could do was sigh;

For most of my life;

I thought you had really wanted to be my wife;

My love for you was so great;

I was positive you were my soulmate;

Even after all those years I kept your ring;

Praying and hoping that one day you would become my queen and I your king;

All the poems that came from my heart;

Now should all be torn apart;

For now I know I have never known true love;

The kind that is a gift from above;

WE were not idiots you see;

The only idiot…was me.


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